How would Kyrie Irving explain the eclipse if he really believes the Earth is flat?

Kyrie Irving is the NBA’s resident flat Earth truther. We discovered this back in March on the Road Trippin’ Pod with Richard Jefferson. He later doubled down on his claims.

Russell Westbrook loved that mustache so much that he even dressed as Steven Adams for Halloween to wear a mustache to give it the proper recognition. And this was just early on in the mustache’s journey. It has brought us so much joy for years.
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And I haven’t even mentioned Lil’ Stache Bro, the tiny Thunder fan who styled their hair and wore fake tattoo sleeves for a playoff game in 2016. Without Adams looking at a mirror one morning in the summer of 2014 and thinking I don’t think I’m shaving today, we’d have none of this.

But it’s not like Steven Adams didn’t warn us before. Back in 2014, he said the mustache was only for the media day photo. Back then it resembled Burt Reynolds’ but then it transformed into what a strongman in the early 1900s would wear. During that metamorphosis, we all thought it would last forever. Unfortunately, all good ‘staches must come to an end eventually.

Still, there’s the likelihood that Adams will rock the mustache this upcoming season. He still has time to grow it, and the Thunder need everyone on the roster — the mustache included — to be at their best to have a good run at the postseason.
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