Jason Witten condemns domestic violence, still supports Ezekiel Elliott

Jason Witten is at a crossroad.

The Cowboys tight end holds a firm stance against domestic violence after his family experienced it during his childhood, but he is still supportive of teammate Ezekiel Elliott.

“Look, there’s no place for a man to put his hand on a woman, and most of you guys know that it’s a situation that’s affected my family as a kid, and I put a lot of work and attention and have a platform to step out and speak on stopping domestic violence,” Witten said after Saturday’s 13-10 preseason loss to the Rams, via ESPN.

“Having said that, Zeke is continuing to work through it, and he’s talked about that. The game and all that stuff, that’s not what you deal with. He’s our teammate, and we’ll continue to work through it with him and have this opportunity to grow from it, and I think that’s what his focus is now.”

The Cowboys’ star running back was suspended the first six games of the upcoming season on Friday for violating the league’s personal conduct policy following a year-long investigation into his behavior off the field.

Portland will still likely pay luxury tax penalties unless it can clear more cap space, but this is a step in the right direction for a franchise that clearly regretted matching the Nets’ offer sheet last season. What remains to be seen is whether this deal is only for cap relief or if it is designed to set the table for another move.

The Trail Blazers have been linked to Carmelo Anthony, but he seems intent on heading to Houston. In the event of an Anthony trade, Portland could potentially serve as the third team if the move would further help the cap. That’s a long way off at this point, though. It’s more likely the Trail Blazers saw trading Crabbe as an opportunity to right a wrong, and they didn’t pass it up.


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