How much money should Cam Newton have made this week?

I gotta say the Eagles coaching staff did one hell of job yetserday. Becoming interim head coach for the eagles must be like walking in to substitute teach for Ted Kazynskis class, you walk into Chips office and he’s got posterboard with pictures of dead celebrities he wants to use for playcalls and a phone with Colt Lyerla’s number thats 9/10ths of the way dialed and your expected to win? Just a unbelevable job.
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Then yetserday a report came out that the nail in Kellys coffin was when he ruined the Eagles Holiday party by moving it from Monday to Friday at the last minute probably to give him enough time to incorporate his White Christmas theme.

“Perrish Cox” literaly translates to “feminist”, the NFLs is a man game son gotta do something about that name.

He wasn’t lifting weights, he was missing curfews and he was feuding with coaches. I remember reading a 2003 interview published in ESPN the Magazine in my high school library and thinking it was a bad joke as he said the cliché words of every stuck-up superstar ever caricatured.

Michigan football became a monolith in all of our lives. In those days, we were tired of Lloyd Carr, four-loss seasons and statue quarterbacks. As Woodson disappeared — disgruntled, injured and ineffective on the Raiders’ roster — so did the magic of his memory.

Too close to BYU rival Utah’s colors.

Limited Brandon Myers Jersey Reid wears red on the Kansas City sidelines, anyway: “I have to sweat down to get in it,” he said of his red gear.

By any color, Edwards knows the coach he fashioned in Reid and always reminds him of it. And Reid, like Edwards, always deflects success to the team, to the building.

“Everything he preached from Day 1 he kept employing it and it trickled down,” Chiefs receiver Jeremy Maclin said.

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