Aaron Rodgers endured the worst season statistically since becoming a starter

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Aaron Rodgers endured the worst season statistically since becoming a starter, completing just 60.7 percent of his passes for 3,821 yards, 31 touchdowns and eight interceptions. Those aren’t terrible numbers by the standards of most quarterbacks, but they represent a steep decline for the league’s reigning MVP. Overall, the Packers dropped from the No. 1 scoring offense to 15th.

However, the light finally came on for Green Bay last weekend. After falling into an 11-0 hole and missing seven of his first eight passes, Rodgers got hot after completing a 24-yard bomb to Jones in the second quarter. From that point on, Rodgers and the offense seemed to have little trouble moving the ball. Even the ground game picked up its play, as Lacy and Starks averaged 5.3 and 4.4 yards per carry, respectively. Both also found their way into the end zone.

Wearing nothing more than blue sweatpants, Jones, a 6’5, 265-pound black man scurried through the rear parking lot of the police precinct. Officer David J. Foscaldo, who was on the verge of starting his shift at 7:40 am on this warm Sunday morning, was the first to observe the man’s strange behavior. Jones then makes a direct line toward the back door of the station.

Game Kids Willie Snead Jersey When the rest of the officers spotted him, they approached the bewildered man. Jones, confused and in desperate need of help, dropped to his knees.

He dropped down, interlocked his hands and placed them behind the back of his head, as if he was being arrested. He had surrendered, but for what exactly? He held this position for two seconds before slowly moving to the ground. Foscaldo wrote in his report that this action was taken under no provocation nor warning. The officer described Jones as appearing to be actively praying or worshiping.

He also says that Jones had committed no crimes, nor had he violated any laws or town-bylaws. He did not resist, he was not argumentative or confrontational. He was unarmed and did not have any drugs on his person. But what was clear was that he was confused, as he could not explain who told him to seek help and for what. Only after going to his house would the officers smell the burnt synthetic marijuana.

Though this mysterious Oracle that suggested his trip to the police station was nowhere to be found.

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