The pitch counts helped keep Colorado starters from going much beyond five.

Dwight Evans, 1981 strike: Sabermetricians love the candidacy of Dwight Evans, whose advanced stats rank better than a number of Hall of Fame outfielders. To traditionalists, though, Evans might simply look like a very good player who never won anything aside from a slew of Gold Glove Awards. This might have changed in 1981, when he led the American League with 22 home runs in a season that lost six weeks of games in the middle because of a strike.

Now let’s shift back to 2012: When a Rockies starter was able to go five or more innings under the organization’s constraints (either in a four- or five-man rotation), the team’s record was 24-16. That was an exceptional split for a team that finished 64-98 overall. When a starter failed to go five, regardless of how effective he was, the Rox were 15-42.

Limited Kids Kelvin Beachum Jersey The pitch counts helped keep Colorado starters from going much beyond five. Only Chacin reached seven innings in a start and he did that just once, and on just 74 pitches. Rox pitchers lasted more than five innings just 16 times total in the 97 games.

This year’s Padres will be outliers if they put big inning limits on their starters, but with an average major league start moving closer to 15 outs, the gap will be narrower than it would have been just three or four years ago. And they can be encouraged by what the Rockies did five years ago when they got just enough starting pitching.
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After Milwaukee’s 5-4 win at St. Louis, the Cubs (16-12) hold a game-and-a-half lead on the Brewers in the NL Central with the Reds (14-14) just two games back. The Brewers (15-14) broke a tie with the Reds and Cardinals (13-14) for second place in the division. But the Pirates (12-16) are still just four back in the tight division following Thursday’s 4-2 loss to the Reds.